Saturday, October 14, 2006

Zhe short film

Sorry, no sound.

The short i was talking about :p

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Filming For The First Time

It was like a typical first time when you think about make all these expectations, plan it carefully, up to the most insignificant detail.

But when it happens, its messy, sloppy, and hurried.

This all started with a video contest for high school students. i want to study film, so i thought, eh, why not? except...i didnt know a thing about anything. yay for me! I read books. I went to a workshop at the uni holding the contest. I read more books. I planned it out, made a script, a storyboard, got a great actress for the lead. My uncle let me borrow his dv camera (its one of the first that came out, so its not very good and does everything automatically), a friend who is in a band let me borrow his microphone for the voice-over, and Feli, one of my best friends decided to help me out.

The camera battery would die at no expected time. The microphone wouldnt work. My camera skills were horrible. In between all this, the actress' little brother was hospitalized and she had to stay with him, some scenes were just impossible to shoot, and i got stomach sickness (in fact, there were a few times id shoot something and quickly run off to barf somewhere). The fact that there was a deadline for it, and we all still had to go to school didn't help much. it was the most stressing thing ive ever done.

So was it worth it? Definitely. because in between the crying and pulling of hair (not to mention the vomit...) was the most exhilarating feeling ive ever had. Creating a story in your mind, and manipulating all the different aspects of it to make it depict what you want, and being able to make other people feel the emotions you want to express with something like that is just so amazing. to tell a story, to truly tell a story, creating everything in it, from feeling, to image to sound and mixing all of that to create this package that takes you somewhere else......i think its truly an amazing thing.

albeitedly, my short film might only be good to make people go, "Aiiieee, my eyes!" but I'll get there someday!

So, i found my calling. Heh. The poo.